Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Only when we are at the limits we evolve!

Things are so simple and pure sometimes but we just can not see it, grasp it ... and when we feel that we can not do more and we are at the limit we come back to the essence, to the roots and try to look for some answers there, actually in ourselves!

2008 was an year that definitely thought me to come back to the "old simple me" and try to gather the energy and power I needed in order to pass through the most interesting and challenging year of my life!

Starting this great adventure of my life helped me understand myself and get the power and confidence that I needed so much in order to believe in myself and the things I can do by my own. I would have never imagined some years ago, that the things I've been raised with ... my culture, reality and people would change in a matter of days and I that I would feel the same Malina but in a different movie :)

Actually the movie started in the 19th of May 2008 like a true romantic story ... sea, full moon, new people that were trying to prepare me for a big road. I truly started walking that road, playing the same character I played all my life ... a true optimistic, innocent, transparent, workaholic girl that wants to help people around her. Still in some months, I considered my character is from another film and will never fit in the initial story so I closed myself in a room full of frustration and worries trying to understand and to encounter those solutions that will bring me back to the light.

So I did, helped by some great people that in a strange way become my friends and best friends ... being here or away they were able to help me discover and find in myself those elements that can bring the smile on my face every morning!

I am another person for sure ... but deep inside the same pure and simple Mali that is fighting for a cause! For sure only when we are at the limits we evolve!

Happy 2009!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happiness! :)

During the important moments of our lives, during moments of celebrating or relaxation we often think about what would make us happy and what are the things that we still need in our lives ... and most of the time we get to the conclusion we need love, money, time, etc. etc. but more importantly we need PEOPLE that can make us smile, that we can love and receive love back, that can help us get over the challenges we pass through ... that we need our best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, family, colleagues to enjoy our life with :)

Actually most of the people will just like to feel happy and fulfilled during this moments! :)I know for sure that is the first thing I think about when I am making a wish :) Being happy! But what are actually the basis of our wishes? Why am I personally so keen on being happy and everything is so much translated through feelings and happiness?

We were discussing about the same issues one night and we got to the conclusion each of us is such a clear reflection of his past, his childhood, his parents ... We grow up having so well written in our head what we want for ourselves and our life when we grow big and we continue fighting for that even now (I don't necessarily refer to the job but more to the final image we have about ourselves).... some of us want to be like their parents, some of us actually want to be so much different ... Main thing, each of us have a different image upon happiness according to their past experiences!

I know for sure some months ago I had so clear in my head that "image of happiness" that I want to have when I would be older ... an image that I realized is so much based on the things I want to improve considering my past but in the same time so much based on how I was raised by my parents and grandmother ...

"Happiness means for me ... love and health ... being the same special individual that cares about people around me and has a little impact in their lives ... that loves to smile and enjoy each minute ... that is both "soft" and "hard" :P ... that is having a meaningful life ... a big family: me, my husband and 3 children; a beautiful house with a harden; a challenging and dynamic job that brings results both to myself and the entity I am working for; social involvement especially in what it means children education; incredible moments and people around me"

But what do I mean by ... some months ago I had so clear in my head the "image of happiness"? It's not that now I don't have it anymore ... it's just that this image is not complete if I will not be happy each and every moment of my life :) Actually this was a lesson I learned from a dear person to my heart ... that being happy is about the final "image" but is also about "the road". And thinking about the past, I realized he was so right ... I fight a lot for the things to happen in the way I want them to, but at some point I am so tired of the hard "road" that I can not enjoy my achievements and moments of true happiness.

Being here in Dominican Republic and having this great people around, helped me realize my happiness stands in my dreams, images, roads, moments and people ... in enjoying each of them with a smile on my face :) I truly feel I am doing that right now!!!

La multi ani draga mea! :D
Sarbatori Fericite tuturor!!!! :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am so happy!!!
My heart is beating incredibly hard ... I still can not believe it!! Why you would say?

Mainly because I have in my face another example of great people that believe in a dream, fight and achieve it ... good people that have so much to demonstrate to the world and have so much to offer to themselves and the people around them!
People that know more than all what work, hard moments and challenges mean ... but still they want to take an even bigger challenge and build something even greater in the next year :)

I am happy that ....

Vlad is the new MCP of AIESEC Romania 0910!!!
And the history was written again :D Another "Clujean" MCP!!!! :D

Iulian passed the confidence vote of AIESEC Romania :D One more step and he will be the MCVP LC development!!!
Arde Iasiul!!!!

Cami is the MCP of AIESEC Colombia 0910!!!
Passion and devotion 100%

Truly great people, different one from each other ... people I learned so much from ... people I wish all the best in the next year!!!
I wish them to continue making us proud and take AIESEC Romania and AIESEC Colombia to great results!!! :D

I have the feeling a small part of me is there with them right now and that makes me even more happy! Mo is arriving tomorrow :D so I can only say ... a truly happy and awesome day! Definitely a day to remember!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

YOU made MY day!

What do you do when you have no words?

When you go to sleep having Pato, Raga, Javi, Jenni wishing you Happy Birthday :)offering you presents ...

When you woke up in the morning with the voice of your mother wishing you to "be happy wherever you are and will be around the world" and transmitting you in a phone call all the emotions ever possible ...

When you get to the office and see an incredible present received from Mexico, one of the most beautiful ones in your life ....

When you start crying reading your email full with messages, wishes, smiles, hugs of your friends all around the world from Iasi, Cluj, Bucharest to Southern Cone, Serbia, Colombia, Puerto Rico ...

When you receive a huge cake from 2 of your trainees ...

When you receive phone calls from far far away ... when you call people close to your heart ... when skype, gmail talk, facebook keeps you close to them

When you receive a lovely movie from Denmark, a photo from your dear girls, a song from Iasi, a history ...

When your MC is organizing you the best dinner ever, cooking for 4 hours :)

When you end your day in a Karaoke Club together with the people you just met 7 months ago ...

What do you say when you are simply amazed of how many people you have by your side even though you are far away, how many people still remember you, how many people though of offering you the best day of your year ... just to bring you a smile, a tear of happiness, a wish :)

Sometimes I am thinking if we really deserve all these great things that happen to us, these people by your side ... and more than that if we truly appreciate it all the time???

Saying simply thank you is not enough ... sending emails, messages still not enough ... but YES thinking about them, keeping them in your heart for ever, being there for them, following their advices "never change", "enjoy this year" :)

Simple Love!!! <3
Words are not enough ...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Yes! I'm 24 :D

I was almost starting my post with ... "I have the feeling" :P ... and I am asking myself if I am ever going to change that :D I will try now :D

My mother was always laughing and joking on my birthdays of different facts about me ... that I was suppose to be the first boy of the family but apparently got to be a girl :P ... that I was born on the 12th of December at 3.40 am in a ugly and rainy winter morning ... that when I was born I was a big girl (almost 4 kg), "morenita", big black hair ... that she tough for some time if to really take me home from the hospital :P mainly because I was a "little bit ugly" :p until my uncle said "listen to me she is going to be a beautiful girl let's take her home" :D ... that I was eating and crying a lot ... loved to dance and listen to music ... always climbing trees and falling in my head ... loved to spent the holidays with my grandmother in Maramures ... acting like a grown-up when shopping, telling my parents not to buy so many things because we don't have money (the finance spirit was in me since I was little apparently, I am still doing the same with Raga now :D)... that I will be for always a BIG child :D

She was always, year by year singing me "Astazi e ziua ta, zi frumoasa ca tine!!!" and offering me incredible moments I will never forget ... Miss you so much!!!

So YES in 14 minutes I will be 24 :D ... Malina 24 :D where did the time go??? :D

My friends know that 12 of December is for me the happiest day of the year but also the saddest one ... I feel the same right now ... I would like to cry and smile in the same time ... I would like to be close to the people I love, in the same time I have right now by my side 4 of the most incredible people I have met until now and other lovely friends around the world ... I would like to be again little and not grow, start my life over and over again but in the same time I wouldn't have in my mind right now so many people to thank to, so many great moments ... so many hard experiences that made the new Malina that I am right now :)

And is not about what you have and don't have ... is about NOW and my ROAD! My ROAD of ... happiness, challenges, love, changes, places, people, smiles, tears ... words like ... THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! YOU MADE MY DAY! YOU MAKE ME HAPPY! :) ... moments of being sure nothing can stop you; of dreaming and falling; of getting up and smile :)

Truly happy to be a crazy, transparent, optimistic, emotional Sagittarius ... to continue the 23 years off my life with another incredible one!!!

I will for sure enjoy it! ;)

August 2006, Sighisoara, Romania ... one of my favorite places in Romania and greatest memories with my friends :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

My light!

I have a great feeling right now ... finishing a great day ... a hard week and thinking about the future :)

I was thinking these days that I don't feel like the Christmas is coming because nothing is like Romania in December .... is not cold, not snowing, not big and natural Christmas trees, no Romanian carols, no agitated people buying everything they can as a present ... and I was feeling a little bit sad ... Thinking how I am going to have a Christmas in an environment where nothing besides the lights on the street remind me of Christmas. And today I realize is not necessarily because of that ... but of the feeling of Christmas, the emotions and people around you. Today it was another demonstration that the Colombian people are one of the most passionate and close to your heart people on this Earth (at least Pato and Javier are for me at this point). They know what makes them happy and they fight until they achieve that :)

Today is "Dia de las velitas"/"Candles Day" in Colombia and Pato and Javier organized it for us here :) In Colombia two days before the celebration they begin building the "faroles" ... carton figures that have candles inside ... big, small, all types. During the "Candles Day" they close their small streets and place in front of their house and in the yard the "faroles", they light them up, enjoy them together with their neighbors ... prepare a big dinner together the family, listen to music and then pray. We kind of did the same thing here ... since Friday we start preparing the "faroles", the small Christmas tree (strange for me because in Romania I was decorating the Christmas tree only on the 24th of December) ... today Pato prepared an incredible dinner with a special soup made of corn, chicken and potato and an incredible "crema de zahar ars" (in Romanian :P, for sure the best one in my life) ... we lightened "faroles" and candeles and set the table ... listen to Colombian music and enjoyed a great dinner :)

And my thoughts now after this incredible weekend ... you need so few things in life to be happy :) and how somebody was saying weeks ago ... the happiness is so much more than the final image but the ROAD! So true!!! Having this great people around me during this road is just a simple reason for me to be happy :)

Discovering day by day the Colombian spirit, the Romanian flavor and the Dominican spicy :D

Love you guys!!!

Pato preparing the "munequitos" for the Christmas Tree

Raga and Javi preparing the "faroles"

Pato the "faroles guru" :P

Our small but cute Christmas Tree

The "Faroles"


Us :)

The image in my head now going to sleep :)

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