Monday, May 12, 2008

The sun in our lives! Happiness!

A really interesting person that we've met was saying "It's not about what you know but how you are" and I was thinking ... that is so true ... I am 23 going on 24 now ... I built a house together with my family, I finished University and the first semester of master, I am living my 5th year in AIESEC, I kind of worked for two companies, I visited 8 countries ... and much more but all these can be resumed in .... special and unique experiences ... many life-long friends .... places I would love to visit again ... little impact I had somewhere or for somebody ... I am all these, and I am proud of them ... I am proud of me and how I am now ....

5 years ago before entering AIESEC and some good time after that I though that saying "I am proud of me" it's not really ok ... because others should say that ... because you should work as hard as possible and others should appreciate and recognize you ... others should recognize your value (this is a thing my father used to teach me ... about being humble and modest ... but also about being "small").

In the last days I've been thinking a lot about my life until now and about the way I lived it, about my family ... my friends ... my life principles ... myself changing ... I realized that due to the experiences I started to live 5 years ago I started to learn how to become "big" especially in my own eyes ... to know what is the real me ... to meet, understand and be proud of a special person ... ME!

For the people around me and especially my close friends is not hard to say ... how Malina is as a person (for me is a little harder) ... and lately a lot of them are trying to open my eyes regarding me and what I deserve in my life ... regarding some of these things they are right ... but is hard for me sometimes to see and accept all that because I am more than 100% involved in the things I am doing and I live each feeling both positive or negative to the fullest.

But the ending of my term and me leaving to Dominican Republic in some days, offered me a lot of courage to take decisions and to confront my fears, to think about what I really deserve ... gave me the time to think about me and the future that will expect me, to stay with my dearest friends, to be surprised ... in few words to be happy and satisfied with me and the decisions I made!!!

And there are two important things I realized ... one ... we should never forget about ourselves and two ... never be afraid to lose something because eventually ... time is giving us back what we've lost though wisdom and memories :)

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