Sunday, June 29, 2008

So different ...

We are born with so little ... ourselves, some physical characteristics and the heritage from our family ... without a name, personality, plans, dreams ... and we grow to be ... everything that we want, everything that we fight for ... we become US ... so different one from the other!

But what are you doing if the people around you are so different ... if you find it so difficult to understand why somebody is trying to become something that he is not ... a person that is selfish, that forgets so easily the efforts of other people, that is so proud of his position but is not doing anything to demonstrate leadership, to fight for a dream, to motivate .... that once he got there is not looking down ...

Why sometimes is so hard to REMEMBER ... to think about ourselves when were babies and we were not having negative feelings or back stage reasons ... when we were INNOCENT ... Maybe because is more simple, maybe because each of us should learn all this by our own ... but then again how about the people around you, that you are hurting, demotivating ...

In the last days, through my mind "passed" very often this questions and answers trying to understand ... to think about how to react ... how to be more flexible ... In my last month in Romania, I lived kind of the same feelings ... seeing people and being part of different situations ... seeing how people can change with a position, how they forget, how they ignore and simply don't take into consideration others work ... And the same as now, my answer to all this is ... time will help them understand and revise their attitude ... but if I can do something now to change it, I will ... even tough is not easy, I will!!!!

And exactly these days wondering through the streets I saw this advertisement ... that expresses so good a lesson that we should learn sooner or later ... "Success is not only in the top" ... success is getting and achieving what you want ... success is both in big and small things ... success is about having an impact, regardless of your name, position, rase, origin ...

Thank you Mo and Vlada for teaching me that ... for demonstrating it thought all that you've done :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One special place on the Romanian map ... Iasi!

Sometimes just hearing a good song, seeing some pictures, or looking at a movie ... recharges you with energy ... a big smile and new ideas!!!

I did this movie with all my love for AIESEC Iasi before leaving ... and now after some weeks here, this movie represents for me one of those elements that ¨refreshes¨ my mind and heart ... and reminds me of THEM ... the moments I have spent in Iasi ... the images I have ... the tea and cookies, the pancakes in the middle of the night, Iasi during winter, the elections, the train station, my first conferences and the presents I received, my last conference and each word ... from the people that said goodbye to me, the landscape, the city, the rocks, the dreams we had, MCC ... moments of crises and trust, people ... all the new and old members, EB Teams, my twin sister (Happy Birthday my dear for the 19th of June!!!), Iulian, Darius, Geani!

Traditional, natural, simple and unique ... always there ... close to your heart from the first seconds, not easy to let go ... beautiful!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Time ...

Looking through some pictures of me since I entered AIESEC and remembering the movie my friends prepared for me before leaving ... I realized that not only I changed my way of being, my perceptions, my friends, my life, my dreams ... since October 2003 ... I also changed my appearance :)

It's funny and interesting to see yourself some years later ... so different, but so similar in the same time! The same passion and drive that 2 dear people from Targu Mures saw in me during an interview ... the same heart that "beats like a drum" for both good and challenging moments ... that feels overwhelmed and crazy, powerfull and unstoppable, inocent ...

I realize one thing, and that is the fact that people change in time but deep inside they never do :)

Malina. Mali. Capsunica

2004. LPM. OC and delegate

2004. Winning the Challenge Award

2005. Ciuci's Birthday

2005. LTS Moneasa.

2006. LCC. Me, Ciuci and Gioni:)

2006. EB Days. :D

2006. TRIX. Miha, Tzutzu, Ciuci, Oana, Stefan, Johan

2006. LPM. Building ...

2006. First time in Sighisoara.

2006. NPS The Movie! Challenge ... but everything is possible!

2007. MCC. Trust!

2007. IC! Friends from all around the world I will always have in my heart

2007. Visiting a car exposition with my dear Ionut :)

2007. NPS. One handed :P

2008. Central Park. Mo and Mada

2008. IPM, Macedonia. New!

2008. ILC, Spain. Ahmet and Mindy

2008. Dominican Republic

For all the emails ... talks ... thoughts ...
For filling me with energy and trust
For the hope
For the beauty you show me each moment

Thank you my dear friends for all your support :)

Cluj, Iasi, Bucuresti, Oradea, Targu Mures ...
Serbia, Holand, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belgium,
Hungary, India, Spain, Mexico, Poland ....

Thursday, June 12, 2008


What I am feeling now .... this minute ... 11:37 pm Dominican Republic Time ...

One dear friend of mine was telling me before leaving that I am a "feeling" person ... that above all, is more simply for me to express the feelings I have then to tell a story or to explain different situations I am passing through ... and I realize that is so true ... I am writing the first time on my blog after starting this incredible experience, today ... 11th of June 2008 ... after exactly 3 weeks from arriving ... because of a feeling, or more ... feelings that are so powerful, I think will be so hard for me to be coherent :P

I will start like this .... yes, I started this experience without knowing very clear what is going to expect me here ... yes, I took this challenge for me and for the impact I could have in a totally different environment that I was used to until now ... yes, I had a lot of pictures in my head about how is going to be, and oh my God how different were them from the reality ... yes, I had the best moments of my life in the last days before coming here with the people I love most in my life ... yes, I love how my life looks right now ...and yes, Good things really happen to Good people!!!

Today I had an incredible day that reminded me a lot about the Take Over in Mamaia and a promise I made to myself there ... to find the sun in my life ... for me meaning, to find that inner peace and freedom I needed in order to happy ... to really feel that I am alive :) I am feeling that right now, I feel my heart beating so hard ... because ...

... one relaxing day has ended, a day I spent with 3 incredible people that were here from the moment I got out of the airport ... 3 people that fill me with energy and peace and that are not afraid to live; one day I will never forget ...

... I am living in a country that is so different than Romania ... that is so incredible beautiful and colourful ... that is so full of contrasts ... contrasts that make me smile and be frustrated in the same time ... because things could be so different if some of the people would care more about it, and would be more modest and down to earth ... but, who is me to judge, right? The same people in the same time, are teaching me some valuable lessons ... leaving bad things aside and concentrate on the good ones; living life to the full; enjoy each moment; sing and not be afraid to express your true feelings; and one essential one ... we are all so different and all that makes us special!!!

... AIESEC here ... the members ... the projects ... are like some children that are asking for your care and knowledge, that have so much to offer but they don't know how, that are living in a world it was created for them, that have so much potential, that love you even before they've met you, that expect so much from you, that express so much the culture they lived in!!!

... my team ... enthusiastic, hard working, challenging, active, diverse, close ... Patricia, Laura, Raga ... are making my experience even more interesting and challenging ... working with them means ... being there for them, understanding their actions and feelings, guiding them, enjoying together with them this year, bringing results as a team ... it means being smart, more open, flexible and positive!!!

... my friends ... they demonstrated me before and after coming here ... that is enough to express my dreams and they help me transform them in a reality ... that some feelings and memories will never die from our hearts ... that something very special is uniting us even tough we are so far from each other ... that some words, smiles and cries can help me overpass hard times ... that life goes on for each of us and the final purpose is for each of us to be happy :)

My life .... my feelings ... my pictures ... NOW!!!

The tree I love most here ....

Me and Patricia before the Concert of Victor Manuel ...

Me and Paula at the Aquatic Park ...

Botanical Garden ... my first training and meeting with the members ...

Today ... Arthie, Paula, me and Patricia ... Harabacoa ...

Today ... one of the most beautiful waterfalls I've ever seen

Today ... Paula, one unique person that can "read through you" and that made me feel like home

Today ... Me ...

Today ... Patricia ... energy, soul, structure, passion

Today ... Me ... rock climbing ...

Today ... Simply Malina!

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