Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 :)

Happy New Year!!!

May this year be full of ... joy and happiness ... unique moments and smart decisions ... dear and good people by our side!!! May we smile with all our heart!
A New Year is always a period when you look back of what happened in the last months/years and make wishes for the future ... what you want to achieve, how you want to improve etc.

Personally and professionally looking back at the last 6 months and the AIESEC International 1011 term is very hard for me to realize where everything started. I was one of the fortunate people to start the second year in AIESEC International ... the challenge and pleasure of maintaining the same position with everything around me changing: the team, the leader, my role, the ambition. The first days were exciting but strange for me: new people and reactions to discover, new people that were passing through the same experiences I passed through last year. I soon realized the magic of the team ... the incredible diverse individuals and perspectives ... the main thing that brought us where we are now and challenged us to understand the others and improve ourselves. I believe you will always have that in an AIESEC International team but I felt it much more this year: a process oriented person, a consultant, a connector, a challenger, etc.... each and every one of us a piece of the big puzzle. 

The next months: International Congress, team days, Supervisory Group meeting, country visits passed incredibly fast like a hurricane that moves everything around. I realized over and over again how incredibly lucky we are to be in this position and how AIESEC as an organization can make you feel so relevant. In these 6 months I was happy to experience how:

• The name of your position remains the same but your role and impact can be totally different: in the team, network, externally. I realized, even if I was scared of this, that having the second term does not challenge you less, but moreover pushes you to do things you always dreamed of and diversify the impact that you can have
• The knowledge you accumulate in time is never wasted but is waiting for the right moment to “pop out”.  Being in country visits I realized how I can support the members/countries on diverse areas even if is not my main field, how if you like what you do, the answers and ideas come naturally.
• Easily you can change one person’s experience by being to open to listen and share your good and bad experience ... how people are sometimes not looking for heroes but for normal people that they connect with

Over and over again and especially this year I realized how important it is to set goals for yourself and work towards that with all your energy and passion. Every single year on 31st of December when I have to think of the wishes for the next year I am always afraid to voice them out because maybe they will not happen. Being part of the 1011 AIESEC International Team, achieving the 2010 vision and being part of the team that develops 2015 ... where 3 dreams I had since some years ago and this year they were fulfilled. Travelling so much in Latin America, representing AIESEC at a European CSR event, discovering Europe in the weekend travels were things I never dared to imagine but happened. Definitely looking back I am proud of my experience and my team and that for us impossible is nothing!

What is 2011 going to bring us? I am sure a year full of surprises 
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