Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back! Back in Latin America  My heart is still here ...

I arrived in Quito Airport in the evening, got out of the airport and it just stroke me .... I am BACK! I felt so overwhelmed by the small colourful buildings, threes in flower, people smiling, heat, smells, everyone speaking in Spanish ... so similar to Dominican Republic, my home last year!
I did not even realize how much I missed it and how much I enjoy being in this totally different world, where everything is so simple and positive, where you smile just because you feel part of a national even though you arrive there 5 minutes before ...
I love the emotion and the energy you feel in every single place you go; the stories people live; the amazing atmosphere; the incredible: landscape, vegetation, food; the hospitality; the SUN!!! It is really amazing how being back here, I feel I WOKE up from a long sleep ...
I realize how fortunate I was to live here for one year and now to come back for 2 weeks and visit 3 beautiful countries ... Even thought I am here in coaching visits and we work all day long, I believe this was the best holiday I could have 
Ohhh Latin America .... now I realize more and more why so many Europeans stay in Latin America, why even though is not the perfect place and it can be really frustrating, you always keep this region in your heart!
I am truly HAPPY to be back!
My life is amazing 
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