Monday, June 1, 2009

Deep emotion :)

Today it started! It's official: AIESEC International 0810 Transition started :D
It was an incredible day, actually some incredible days ... and I can not say more than I am deeply happy!!! I know is almost redundant and annoying at some point but I simply can not stop saying that I am happy ... and can not erase from my face the huge smile I have :):):) Is stupid but sometimes I feel guilty for feeling that and I constantly wandering how come I didn't had this feeling during my 23 years ... Hmmm ... Good question :)

Since my last post ... 3 weeks have past ... unbelievable ... I finished one month of transition, my team is in Rotterdam and we started the general transition ... and is an overwhelming feeling ... I accumulated so much knowledge; I've lived each day at a such intense passe; I met so many incredible new people but also my dearest Ciuci, Lucki and Mo that simply make me feel home wherever I would be; I visited so many places ... and this is just the beginning!

I ended this incredible month with a great day ... 1st of June 2009 ... a day that actually represents the beginning of our year ... the year of switching off the autopilot mode we are working with in the last years in AIESEC and challenge the process ... the natural and easy way of doing things and bring a different kind of change!!! Actually this is more a feeling that I have right now than a certainty ... but I truly feel this as an outcome of this 0910 term both at a personal and professional level, both as an organization and an individual :) And I think time will prove this as beeig right or wrong :)

Being a true emotional person ... I can say today I felt ... ALIVE! Sharing about our lives, the people that made our year (for me being definitely Pato that I owe an unforgettable experience to), our main things we want to learn and leave behind ... all this just made my heart beat so hard and of course my cheeks in becoming so red :D I couldn't believe it :):):) Today actually it was the first time when I connected the dots, of what I want from this AI Experience :) ... I just realize my constant dream is to help people and this is also my goal this year ... help the network especially the finance area in each country ... but more than that I want this year for ME!!! I heard so many times the phrase ... be happy with yourself in order to transmit the same happiness to others :) ... so yes this year I want to focus on myself in order to be able to generate more energy to the people around me :D I will learn how to ride the bike, swim, learn Dutch, go to a photography course, go to the doctor, read, travel and most importantly I will LOVE!

Deeply emotion! Deeply happy!
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