Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sun and storm

In the last days I feel my head can not stop thinking, wondering, smiling and being puzzled about people around me, about situations, about the things each of us feels, about what makes us happy ... and the poem in spanish is about that ... about us and toughts we have each day ... about the learnings time is offering us ...

The feeling I have right now is like the weather here in Santo Domingo ... a incredible powerfull sun and then an incredible powerfull storm followed again by the sun ... Never know what will wait for you tomorrow, but you are positive the sun is going to wake you up once more :D

Thinking and analyzing ... maybe sometimes too much ...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Learning ...

APRENDIENDO -Jorge Luis Borges

"Después de un tiempo, uno aprende la sutil diferencia entre sostener una mano y encadenar un alma, y uno aprende que el amor no significa acostarse y una compañía no significa seguridad, y uno empieza a

Que los besos no son contratos y los regalos no son
promesas, y uno empieza a aceptar sus derrotas con la
cabeza alta y los ojos abiertos, y uno aprende a
construir todos sus caminos en el hoy
, porque el
terreno de mañana es demasiado inseguro para planes...
Y los futuros tienen una forma de caerse en la mitad.

Y después de un tiempo uno aprende que si es
demasiado, hasta el calor del sol quema. Así que uno
planta su propio jardín y decora su propia alma
, en
lugar de esperar a que alguien le traiga flores.

Y uno aprende que realmente puede aguantar, que uno
realmente es fuerte
, que uno realmente vale, y uno
aprende y aprende... y con cada día uno aprende.

Con el tiempo aprendes que estar con alguien porque te
ofrece un buen futuro significa que tarde o temprano
querrás volver a tu pasado.

Con el tiempo comprendes que sólo quien es capaz de
amarte con tus defectos, sin pretender cambiarte,
puede brindarte toda la felicidad que deseas.

Con el tiempo te das cuenta de que si estás al lado de
esa persona sólo por acompañar tu soledad,
irremediablemente acabarás no deseando volver a verla.

Con el tiempo entiendes que los verdaderos amigos son
contados, y que el que no lucha por ellos tarde o
temprano se verá rodeado sólo de amistades falsas.

Con el tiempo aprendes que las palabras dichas en un
momento de ira pueden seguir lastimando a quien
heriste, durante toda la vida.

Con el tiempo aprendes que disculpar cualquiera lo
hace, pero perdonar es sólo de almas grandes.

Con el tiempo comprendes que si has herido a un amigo
duramente, muy probablemente la amistad jamás volverá
a ser igual.

Con el tiempo te das cuenta que aunque seas feliz con
tus amigos, algún día llorarás por aquellos que
dejaste ir.

Con el tiempo te das cuenta de que cada experiencia
vivida con cada persona es irrepetible

Con el tiempo te das cuenta de que el que humilla o
desprecia a un ser humano, tarde o temprano sufrirá
las mismas humillaciones o desprecios multiplicados al

Con el tiempo aprendes a construir todos tus caminos
en el hoy, porque el terreno del mañana es demasiado
incierto para hacer planes.

Con el tiempo comprendes que apresurar las cosas o
forzarlas a que pasen ocasionará que al final no sean
como esperabas.

Con el tiempo te das cuenta de que en realidad lo
mejor no era el futuro, sino el momento que estabas
viviendo justo en ese instante

Con el tiempo verás que aunque seas feliz con los que
están a tu lado, añorarás terriblemente a los que ayer
estaban contigo y ahora se han marchado.

Con el tiempo aprenderás que intentar perdonar o pedir
perdón, decir que amas, decir que extrañas, decir que
necesitas, decir que quieres ser amigo, ante una
tumba, ya no tiene ningún sentido.

Pero desafortunadamente, solo con el tiempo..."

Thank you Javi :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's so funny sometimes to see how an experience can change you so easily and mostly how true friends can be found even in the most unexpected places ...

My experience here started almost two months ago ... ufa ... i can not believe that, two months of my life turned out to be like seconds ... flew away ... but the things you passed through they are gathering and gathering in your history ... the history I begun when I set the step of out of the airplane ...

Difficult no doubt about it ... beautiful deep inside ... but that is the magic of it ... smile and move on ... The last days have been for me with a lot of ups and downs, from the beginning I can say but more in the last week ... you don't have something, you gain it ... you loose it again and the same over and over again .... you have no rest ...

One day for me ... I wake up in a beautiful hot morning; I take a shower with cold water because we never have hot water, here is a normal think to see (but speaking the truth you don't really need it :P); I have a sales meeting in the other part of the town to sell a CSR Forum that we are organizing in September: ActivaRSE (a project that we planned with my EB and Lucki but it didn't happen back in 2005 :P) ... I am travelling in the incredible carritos, nicely dressed four people in the back of a car ... but I am feeling good, people are singing and are more than helpful with guidelines; I see the Caribbean sea on my way back and smile :); there are no money to pay the rent, or to have the salaries ... but meeting an Alumni, Yoselin, for a random reason she asks us out of nowhere, how are you eating lately girls? Our eyes were fulled with tears ... and we explained her the difficult situation ... 5 minutes later, she got us 500 dollars in order to pay everything and to pay her back in one month when the money are due to come ... incredible! Smiling and not knowing how that happen ... but thanking Yoselin and God for that! Meeting with one TN Taker, at the end of the day, and matching the TN that we had available from last year :) with Mathias a German EP! Return home, eat some rice and a great natural juice and have an MC Meeting ... where we were thinking about urgent solutions regarding ... recruitment, money, preparation, we laughed of all that happened that day and our situation ...

We were happy together, sustaining each other, bringing the best out of us, smiling from all our hearts ... from different parts of this world ... Colombia (Javier and Patri), Dominican Republic (Laura), Romania (Raga and Me) ... but having the same feelings ... the same passion, dedication, optimism, love for what we are doing and for our dreams ...

It might sound hard ... and truly it is ... but I say this from all my heart .... I love it!!! For what it offers me, for the moments, for the people around me ... for the uniqueness ... I never will regret my choice, because is the place I wanted to be, because life demonstrated me over and over again that "Best things happen to the best people" that in Romania this year was not my place to be ... but in the incredible Dominican Republic with my lovely team!

I am ending my day now writing this words with no light, because something happened some hours ago with our room lighting system ... but I am ... Happy! Challenged! Restless! Thankful! Optimist!

Life is incredible if you can see the beauty in it!

Our Team ... hard woking, pretty, special :P

.:. Patri, Colombia, MCVP Finance and Talent Management, my room mate, new best friend and mother .:.

.:. Javier, Colombia, Trainee in Dominican Republic, Communication Support Team, always amazing us, so father like kind of person, happy .:.

.:. Raga, Romania, MCVP Exchange and Corporate Development, always here even if an ocean is between us, a reserve of new and inovative solutions :P, always optimist .:.

.:. Laura, Dominican Republic, MCVP ER and Projects, down to earth, professional, supporting .:.

.:. Mali, Romania, MCP, happy, proud, "there" .:.

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