Thursday, June 14, 2007


It is so interesting ....

It took me one year to create my personal blog and almost half of year to write my second post ... And I wonder why is that ... is it because I didn't have time, is it because I didn't consider it important ... and none of that is true ...

But now I think I got it ... it's about the moment I feel the need to speach to somebody, to write a letter to somebody about me and about the happenings around me :) If I have people around me and I can tell them about all this I don't need to write in my blog, but otherwise in an empty office, a computer in front of me with a lot of work that has to be done and the pouring rain outside I feel is the moment to write my second post ...

The last three days have been the most dinamic of my last months, and I feel a little bit tired with all this going through my head: school and exams, family very far, my MC life and Bucharest, friends I left home but in the same time I feel I'm doing what I like, what I feel will help me on a long term, new friends I'm begining to make here. I'm getting used with my new life and I want to take the most of it!!! :D

Still ... what do you do with your feelings of regret, of not having the people that you care the most near you in the moments that you need them, with the feelings that you would like to help more your friends with the problems they have but you are far far away ... A solution is to let this remain in your head and heart and the other solution is to express them , write them somewhere and then try to fix them (talk with these persons, and help them with a good word, with a smile send by sms).

This is also I reason for wich I hardly wait to come in Bucharest after the exams, start my real job here (real job, because I want to stay here and work full time for the dreams I expressed in MCC because at this point I feel I'm just achieving half of the things I wanted) and organize my personal place.

I want to put my life in order and to see with what I going on the road ...

I said my personal place because I dream of having a place in the office where to have the pictures of all the people I miss and would love to see from time to time, a place to put Dora's little dog and my Fluffy :)), a place where I can look and smile ... and this I will happen in July when I'm moving more permanently than ever in Bucharest :)

A lot of times I think I'm not good at expressing MY DREAMS, MY WISHES out loud for everybody to hear them and it just crossed my mind I can do this here :D

So my wish for today is to BE HAPPY!!!

And I assure you I will, regardless of any decision I have to take!

That was all!!

Kisses and ...


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